Giga Entertainment Media Inc. Review


He is the hireing person at giga entertianment media and they take money and fake it to people new hyde parks marcus avenue 1979 he fired my friend for no reason!! now they are calling it selfeo apps from giganet entertainsment company even they lawyer is a lier somebody shoud stop them from hireing people in ads on the newspaper gary is a hiring person but he dont pay all the time my friend told me | | decisions.Courts.State.Ny.Us/10jd/nassau/decisions/index/index_new/franco/2002mar/017376-01.Pdf | | | www.Nfa.Futures.Org/basicnet/case.Aspx?Entityid=0086259&case=87bcc00003&contrib=nfa | | | | | www.Bbb.Org/western-virginia/business-reviews/television-cable-catv-and-satellite/air-cable-of-roanoke-l-l-c-in-salem-va-4000708/reviews-and-complaints | |

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