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Complaint: As a real estate agent, I was recently contacted by email via my website by a person identifying himself as Dr. Richard E Ashton, dermatologist, United Kingdom, for purposes of purchasing a home in Chesapeake, Virginia for himself & family of 3 children.(Dr. Ashton is a real person, but not involved in the ruse.)Much email correspondence ensued, time lines & processes established, arrangements for wire funds to an attorney were made & agreed to. “Dr. Ashton”” was referred to & did contacted a local real estate attorney for delivery of funds. A letter of proof of assets/funds was provided by Karen James of Global Financial Management. An offer was ratified on a selected property subject to receipt of wire funds. Time deadlines passed and the offer was terminated by the sellers for non-performance. No wire funds were ever delivered.After the fact the attorney has just received a Cashier’s Check from Global Financial Management drawn on Chase Bank USA

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Address: delivered from Canada by DHL

Website: some slip through to this level.It appears that the activity level of this Scam involving Global Financial Management has been heightened. Note the previous posts. This event has occurred May 3

Phone: for an excessive amount. The check was determined to be bogus. No watermarks visible & banking officials did confirm the check to be counterfeit.This incident has been reported to for investigations.As an experienced Realtor

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