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While working for Lisa Taylor and her company, Global Pageant Productions, I experienced unethical, immoral, and unprofessional business practices. I worked 48 hours from home, due to Lisa not having a professional place of business, and upon resigning, I have NOT been paid for my work. She claims to be the rightful CEO of Global Pageant Productions, Inc., but she is very very unorganized. The company deals with pageants, and there is nothing wrong with the pageants themselves, but the issue is with Lisa. Myself and two other ladies who began working for Lisa as well have been working full time hours as Event Planners, however, the original job posting specified that we would be Assistants to the Event Planner and Production Producers for an internship that would be 6-8 hours per week. Also, Lisa has no other employees working for her, and wanted the three of us to run her entire company. She also sent one of the girls a Recurring Payment form asking for permission to remove funds from her personal account for whatever reason. On one occasion, she hosted a meeting very unprofessionally at Marie Callendarís and told us we (the new hires) had to buy something during the course of the meeting. During the meeting, she spoke extensively about the famous people she knew and worked with and also about how much money we were guaranteed to make. All of which ended up to be lies. She also failed to send me various emails concerning work-related materials. She constantly changed our work hours and work days, and held all meetings over the phone on conference calls. Again, she has no place of business. When questioned about all the mistakes she makes, she blames it on the fact that she had an injury and is on medication. She claims she was a rehabilitation worker at one point and her body doesn’t do well on any medications. Apparently, over-the-counter Aleve is the root of her mistakes. She asked one of the girls to book a place to conduct castings for girls to be in upcoming pageants, but told her not to use the name Global Pageant Productions. It sounds to me that the place to be booked had already had a negative experience with Lisa. She also input an employee’s personal information in a company website and the employee was sent an invoice of an unpaid balance to her email account stating that Global Pageant Productions has used their services without paying. A fraudulent thing to do. When I resigned, I of course asked to be paid for the 48 hours I worked over the course of two weeks, and did not receive a response. One of the other employees informed me that in a conversation she had with Lisa, Lisa claimed to have access to employment records and could prevent ME from getting another job if I reported her to the Labor Bureau. How vindictive and disgusting. Lisa often discriminates as well, and is a huge liar. One woman applied to be in one of the pageants only to be turned away because she was married and had a child. Lisa also makes the girls entering the pageants pay $250 for a crown and sash, when they shouldn’t have to pay anything. It’s clear Lisa has no initial budget for the company, because we as employees basically had to generate our own income through sponsorships, networking events, and charging the pageant girls, or we don’t get paid at all. These practices are terrible, and I would hate for anyone else to be subjected to these kind of things. We all have lives and bills to pay, and it is not right for Lisa to make promises she can’t keep and scam people along the way.

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