Goldicq International Complaint


Avoid at all costs! I paid for some services they were offering and before Pre-Purchasing I asked for delivery times, they told me 10minutes-20minutes. So I waited… guess what? 48hours later STILL waiting. I contacted Customer Support Numerous times, with excuses like “The Suppliers computer is not working” Upon asking for a Refund I was met with replys such as “The Manager isn’t here, we cant authorize a Refund” “You just missed the Manage, he left” ect ect. So.. I’m filing a Dispute on Paypal right now “Dont know how thats going to go down.” And again, I contacted Customer Support with this information and this is what they said “[Daisy] plz close the dispute first then we can deliver you” Yeah… so now all of a sudden they want to deliver to me.. or just another Smart Way of trying to delay the effect of me getting my money back? anyways, anyone who’s considering buying from any of there websites, Dont listen to there ### Promises, There fake ### awards. Either earn what you’re going to buy or find a better trusted word of mouth website.

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