Goodwill Industries Portland, Oregon Review


I would like to write this complaint about Goodwill Industries because I believe they grossly misrepresent themselves as a “charitable”” organization. It is well known that most people who shop Goodwill do so

because money is tight. I recently tried to shop Goodwill online and was shocked at how much they charge for shipping. For instance

I won a pair of pants for $6.99 and was very happy until I saw that the shipping was $12.45! A purse I won $6.99 the shipping was $13.05 and a top I won $7.99 the shipping was $13.00. I wrote and asked if they would send them USPS so I could save money. They refused so I wrote a letter to the main office. Now they automatically send an email that states why they only use FedEx

one reason being that USPS cannot handle the volume of parcels they send out

I wonder what USPS would say about that? I wrote them a letter telling them exactly what I thought

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