goodwill industries ruston store simsboro Louisiana


Complaint: after many years of shopping at this store, it is no longer for people in need, i use to buy my childrens uniforms for school there because i couldnt afford new ones, but now they are only a dollar or so cheaper and well worn, for instance dec. 1rst 2010 i went in there to look for a jacket for my daughter, they were 14.99 for the ones that would fit her. i left and walk up the sidewalk to its fashion and bought her a jacket for 15.99 brand new. but there are many things in that store you could by two for a dollar in a regular store that are .99 cents at goodwill. they have nasty signs up saying not to ask about their prices because we are just wasting their time and ours. i am very sorry to say this but greed has taken over at this store and management is not very intelligent. their bathrooms are always nasty and the store is in turmoil all the time. they have alot of good employees, but some of them talk about stuff out front without caring what the customers are hearing. they are selling so call name brand things that arent real for real prices. i wish they would remember what the GOOD stood for in their name, while we are here in ruston paying new prices for old goods.

Tags: Non-Profit Charities

Address: I-20 SERVICE ROAD EAST RUSTON, Louisiana United States of America



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