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Writing this report to bring further awareness to the Pomeranian puppy scam that is being led by “”Leah Zetestrom”” and “”Emmanuel Doping””. It saddens me to read the reports of folks on this site that have lost money tp this and it overwhelms to think of those who have fallen victim and haven’t reported. My Mother, who is elderly, lost her dog recently and was looking on the internet for a new puppy. She mentioned to me that she had contacted what appeared to be an excellent breeder with a lot of great pictures of her puppies and they had an email exchange for a while. My Mom was preparing to send money gram to them $400 for the male puppy they claimed to have. Being in the IT business and savvy to internet scams, I asked my Mother to direct me to the site so I could check it out. I was immediately suspicious seeing there was no contact information or data on the internet itself about this business. I too decided to inquire on a dog and had a rather long correspondence with Leah Zetestrom who provided the same reason for selling her puppies as I’ve seen reported on this site. She and her husband were having another baby and she was close to delivery. She wanted a good home for the pups and she was screening all of the applicants. She sent me her approval email of me as the new owner just as she did for my Mother. We both asked for the male dog which there was only one of and she informed both of us separately that the dog is ours. That confirmed for me that this is a scam. I decided I wanted more leverage so I kept going with it and actually offered to meet her to pick up my dog which she claimed was in Baltimore, MD. That was when she said that I couldn’t be trusted to travel with the pup as she couldn’t afford the risk and I had to send her $400 by money gram. She claimed the dog would we better cared for by the professional handlers at the airport in the crates etc. I emailed her back saying how ludicrous her story is and haven’t heard back. Other suspicions that clued me in were that there were a lot of misspellings and bad grammar on the site and in the email correspondence, as if it were written by someone who’s primary language is not of the US. She had a page on her site about puppy tips and they did not sound very intelligent coming from a supposed expert. In other research I found similar complaint with the same storyline using different names and types of dogs/puppies. It could truly be a global organized scam that changes faces everytime an exposure happens. I sent a complaint to the ICC which is a government agency belonging to the FBI and the site referenced in this complaint and in others has been frozen or shut down. This information is being provided to folks out there to let you know not to fall victim to these types of scams. Luckily I was able to intervene with my Mother and she did not lose any of her precious fixed income on this matter but a lot of people are not so lucky. Take care and God Bless.

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