Green Facility Inc.


Worked for this company a few years. They are a sub-contractor. They do not pay employees enough money, do not pay them any vacation time even if a full time employee, nor offer any benefits. Was told that I would have to work a full year before being able to take vacation, but since it is a contract job per year basis, they then claim I lose my paid vacation since the company they work for changes annually. They did not pay me the vacation time they owed me either. | They also change the date we are paid on and have gone over 3 weeks without giving us a check and done so a couple of times and still hold back money. Chung Lee also doesn’t provide paystubs regularly and it is a struggle to get him to provide them. | Lastly, the building I work in has finally let them go and they have refused to pay us our last check. They said the company who they were subcontracted under did not pay them so they cannot pay us. I have never received my checks from any other company other than Green Facility. Even if it is true and the other company did not pay them, they are still obligated to pay my wages since I worked for Green Facility and not the other company.

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