I purchased 3 Gumball Machines of different types from this company in December. 2 of the machines were defective. The first was not able to be put together properly due to wrong parts and they refunded. However, the larger and more expensive machine had a lock that did not work due to the rod it was attached to not being long enough to skew into the base. The machine was also covered in scratches and in poor condition despite being advertised as new. They refused to pay return shipping for me to send it back for a refund which would amount to $350, over half the original cost of the machine. They initially said they would ship a new part out that may fix the machine but then said it would take weeks because the part wasn’t in stock. I was forced to buy another machine to put on a location that was waiting for the one I bought from them. They are trying to claim that they don’t owe me anything because they have a “30 day return policy” however the return policy mentioned is described on their site as a “satisfaction guarantee” not their policy in the even that they ship broken, damaged items a customer instead of the new, working items that customer paid for. This company also seemed not the least bit concerned that their machines were not working and both times initially suggested I do mechanical work on the machines to see if I could fix them my selves. They completely ignored my complaints of physical damage on both the machines as well. This company is dishonest, apathetic towards their customers and unwilling to take responsibility for shipping poor quality products.. I demand Full refund and return shipping for sending broken machine back.. Stay away

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