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Complaint: My two sons 5 and 7 are losing the only home they know and it is heart wrenching. I paid $3,000 for a loan modification and $200 to start Bankruptcy to Haines and Krieger. I went for a consultation for bankruptcy and was encouraged to speak to the loan modification department. I was mislead to believe I qualified for a Making Homes Affordable program during the loan modification consultation. I spoke with Mervin he assessed my income and only my income, since I was the only one on the mortgage and not my husband. With only my income I qualified for Making Homes Affordable Loan per Mervin. It was determined that my payment may get as low at $900 through this modification program. The price $3,000, which we were able to pay since it was suggested by Mervin not to pay our home loan to be taken seriously by Bank Of America. After the received my payment in full, Kevin Phoenix took over our account and his customer service is not acceptable. He rarely returns calls and e-mails and leaves you hanging when he does return them. When I would bring in forms I would have to fill them out and bring them for his approval and signature only. When your company faxed documents in the beginning I was contacted directly to fax them again as they had been faxed sideways, ineligible for BOA to read. I re faxed the documents myself. With no return calls from Kevin I had to constantly contact BOA monthly for updates. As for when I asked Kevin what the next step was his reply was” did you contact the bank?””. When speaking to Kevin and Mervin this program would only take several months

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Address: its been a whole year plus! I called last week and was advised Kevin no longer works in the loan modification department. My account was passed to Shelby who informed me this program can take up to two years. I can’t afford the trial payment I have been paying on

Website: who informed me she would only refund $300 to me. Lisa Garofalo sent me a letter signed and dated 1/22/11 that she would at leat refund $300

Phone: for another year.Haines and Krieger draining me dry of money and trust. After eight months of Kevin’s horrible customer service skills and I was informed by BOA that I did not qualify for the program.Bank Of America told me I did NOT qualify for a Making Homes Affordable program as they require Both my husbands and my full income. I would have never put $3

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