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Complaint: First I would like to say that the absolute only reason we have continued to live at the Hamptons of Brownstown is because both of us have a lot of health issues and close a semi full of belongings and so just moving is not easy for us, however we have saved enough money to pay for a moving company this year and we WILL NOT be renewing our lease, we have had nothing but headaches from the Hamptons. The biggest problems have been maintenance or should I say lack of maintenance, they either take weeks to repair something or it never gets done at all, we had problems with our toilet that I believe was here when the place was built in the 60 s and it took the 3x to come back and fix it, they ended up replacing the toilet and when they did it was completely inoperable, and was not flushing at all and they dragged the toilet down the stairs and through the living room dropping s**+**y toilet water all the way and they told us we had to clean it up it was not their responsibility, that was the worst situation.They have sent many notices around to everyone saying they are changing the rent, late fees, they are adding rental fee every month for pets, etc. we have pets, but the late fees don t affect us because our rent is always on time, however for those that are late and others with pets are affected, but the law says they cannot change a lease in the middle of a lease, when the lease is up they can but not in the middle of a lease which is what they were trying to do. The biggest thing recently lights being out in the parking lot and all the times they want to invade your privacy.Our parking lot is pitch black and we have tried several time over a 2-month period to get the lights fixed , we had our pick-up stolen from right in front of our town-home apt. and it is no wonder it s easy pickings when it is pitch dark. They also have this thing of wanting to come into your apartment whenever they want, calling it an annual inspection or something else about 5x a year they come up with something, either annual inspection, change light bulbs, change furnace filters (cheap ones that do nothing) after we told them we buy our own furnace filters( the better quality ones), however they do nothing with these inspections because nothing ever get s done, which brings me to the last thing that I want to say and that is if you should choose to move here keeps things locked up because we have had food, medications and other items missing after they have been here. In the winter time the snow never gets removed from the parking lots and the sidewalks rarely ever get cleaned. there are so many more things that I can tell you about and I have proof of the situations, which is something that most people in this particular situation does not usually have. Of course you can tell that we strongly recommend not moving to the Hamptons of Brownstown at all, it truly is a very horrible place to live!!!

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Address: 18537 Pine West Brownstown, Michigan United States of America

Website: www.haymancompany.rentlinx.com/

Phone: 734-285-2120

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