Hazel Heating & Air Conditioning Review


I would never have known that my family’s health was in jeapordy until my ceiling started to leak and peel and my air conditioning unit stopped working. I immediately called Hazel heating and air conditioning about my 2 year old central air and heating unit not working. They told me to contact a local company, because they would have to start charging me milage from Newberry to my home, to fix it. I contacted a local company to service my unit and thought the nightmare was over. 10 days later, I was in the same situation of no air, so, I called the company back to repair the problem, because obviously it was not fixed. The second service man, upon thorough inspection, stated that the unit wasn’t leveled upon installation and that it had been leaking through the insulation and sheet rock for about 2 years for this type of ceiling damage. He then stated the streneous repair needed and that the installation company was at fault. Also mentioned, was that toxic mold could have formed, which would explain my many respiratory infections and my husband’s pneumonia, which caused him respiratory failure and a 3 month coma. .

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