The two women that run this scam are absolutely terrible! Right now, my e-mail is filled with other ladies who have fallen victim to what these women have done, 75 to be exact. HeyBlackGirl is a cute looking online store that interacts with their customers heavily through social media and even has their own online store set up. | They sell shirts and bags that say “afro-centric” phrases that appeal to the black, female community. Myself, and the other ladies in my inbox ordered products from this website 2 and 3 moths ago and have yet to receive our apparrel. | The only thing that Brittani and her business partner have done is send out a mass e-mail to everyone effected by this delay. This is how all of us effected ended up in each other’s e-mail inboxes because we all attempted responding to them all at once. | The only thing they will say in the e-mails are “sorry for the delay. | Keep in mind that there is only 2 of us running this business and answering hundreds of emails a day, on top of making shipping labels.” Like really?! Sounds like 2 little girls who refuse to accept responsibility for getting in over their heads. | The outcome? People have begun disputing the charges made to their credit cards and ever since then, the catty behavior from these “business owners” is abissmal! | I attempted to contact these ladies through one of the store’s social media accounts. Sending a message that was not in anyway insulting or belittling. Just letting them know that although I admire their attempt at trying to run a business, they should try staffing more people or not biting off more than they could chew and excpect a customer to be satisfied with that response. | Oh boy! Whichever one of them responded did so in a very nasty manner, it was ridiculous! They did everything but curse me out and from the looks of the message, they probably were in their minds. Several other women reported that they received the same response upon inquiring about their orders. | Do not order from this business! You will not receive the merchandise you paid for in a timely manner and will get cursed out or told off if you dare confront them.

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