Hilton Hotels Sanford Florida Review


I am a frequent traveler and a Hilton Honors (their rewards program) member. nI made my business reservation to Richmond, and my trip was cancelled several days later. nI systematically cancelled all of my reservations. I had made my reservation through the website, www.hilton.com. nI called the hotel on Saturday before my Monday reservation (cancellation policy was 4:00 pm day of arrival) and talked to a young woman at the front desk. I believe her name was Andrea but I’m not sure. nI told her I was no longer planning arriving. She assured me the reservation was cancelled with no charge. I asked for a cancellation number, and she told me it was the same as the reservation number. nThe following Thursday I got a one night room charge of $ 166.00 on my business AMEX. I talked to the hotel manager and they said I should have asked for a cancellation number. I told them what I had been told. I asked them to talk to Andrea but she was not working. nAll the hotel manager was willing to do was to give me half off. So I’m out over $ 80 bucks because some young college student didn’t do her job. My company is certainly not going to re-imburse me for expenses on a trip I didn’t take. nI called the website customer service at Hilton and they said they “couldn’t do anything unless the hotel manager agreed. n$80+ is a lot of money to us. nDon’t stay at Hilton! They are RIP-OFF’s extraordinaire! nTnSanford


301 W. Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.


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