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HomeLift Now, owners John Lawson & Brandon Lederer came into my home, said they can do a complete new kitchen cabinets and new granite with a 10 day turn around. October 17, 2015, HLN came into my home and installed old, disgusting, filty, no shelves, wrong size, wrong style, wrong cabinets, cracked granited with wrong granite cuts in my kitchen, to name oly a few damages caused by this company. HLN during the installation, casued additional damages to my home, wales, code violations. | HomeLift Now took all of my money, refused to complete, repair, finish, replace the extreme poor quailty kitchen cabinets. After I reported HLN to the AZ Regrister of Contractors. The ROC Inspector came out & inspected kitchen. ROC gave them a direct order to repair or settle within 15 days and HLN refused to cooperated with ROC and myself. | I am waiting now for the legal department – before a Judge, that my AZ ROC Court date is, June 24, 2016. Since my ROC Complaint, there are 5 more complaints. two complaints just in May, 2016. There are 2 local attorneys that will be filing suit. YELPS website has several complaints. There are others persons a& couples that just fired HLN before the project was completed due to poor quaility of materials, poor quality of workmanship, workers problems, non-licensed sub-contractors & unnecessary work schedule delays. They just got tired of dealing with this deceitful General Contrscting company. | HomeLift Now also does false advertisment. Beware of any freebies offered by HLN, dishonest, NOT trustworthly, does not comply with ROC rules & regualtions. | I am willing to show & tell what a awful unethical General COntractors company does before & after they RIP U OFF. | These two owners of HLN, John Lawson & Brandon Lederer knowingly are RIPPING OFF the consumer. Dont be one of US & get ripped off by HomeLift Now.

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