Homeland Transportation Services Review


This guy goes by the name Nino. He is based out of Glen View Il. He is a Operator that runs Craigslist ads here in Florida. I answered his ad for Driver, he told me how wonderful his equipment was etc etc. He runs Outlaw, no QC, paper logs, cell phone dispatch. His equipemt is crap, to be pioloite. He has a 2007 Century that looks like a herd of cattle had lived in it. It has over 900,000 miles on it and is a piece of crap. I went to take the truck for a test ride and didnt get 3000 feet for where it had been sitting in the shop. I called him and told him he needed to get a wrecker to get it out of the road. Instead he sends some guy out in a small pcik up truck. I told the guy what was wrong, and left. i texted hime told Thanks but No thanks, what happened next is a total nightmare. He starts texting me telling me he will have me Black listed for Abandoning his truck, he will have every Big Company no Hire me and turn my CDL inot Florida. He is on the DOT S*** List here is his number 2530526 look him up! Dont go with him! His true colors came out when he relaized I was not some dumb driver. He will try and get you to pay a 1000.00 escrow and all these crazy fines he has listed. Stay Away or You will be so far bent over!! I have already notified the FMCSA and the DOT and will be notifying all the other trucking entiies. I have also notified DAC of his impending lires. I have pictures and texts to back up what I am saying. .

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