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Scam Alert! Honk For Help honkforhelp.com are Frauds, Scams, and Cons Company. Honk for help is one big scam and rip off that take advantage on people who are broke down on the side of the road, they call to the actual, shop for you to repair the vehicle for you and charge you anywhere from $49.00 up to $300.00 for doing nothing this fast growing company is a real scam this is not Uber’s, Uber are actually a great service / ideas, and great solution for our times, style company this guys are aggressive scam company after the average guy money, try to call them for semi truck repair, they are not even a shop or mechanics they guy answer the phone in honk for help tell me it’s $250.00 each hour with minimum of 2 hours $500.00 where the actual national average for truck repair per hour is $125.00 per hour with professional diesel repair shop, for jump-start a car they charge you $49.00 just to make phone call to actual car repair vendor, they have nothing to show for with this new app they develop, the people beyond those guys are pure evil and criminals. this app not able even to show you the closer shop and to contact them directly without pay any fees you can simply do the same without pay by jut calling 3 companies and compare the prices use Google maps, Bing maps, Yahoo maps or even yellow pages directly from your cellphone mark my word this is the biggest scam in the roadside assistance history and it’s under the watching ayes of the silicon valley and Federal government who approve the licensed to operate in the USA. why would you pay to any one to make phone call for you ? when your smart phone can actually do it for you by simply search the same way you can found www.honkforhelp.com. first on the search results because the pay high pay per click with money from investors and from the money the scam from everyday hard working people. your phone is smart enough to do the search for you on the push of a button, search city and state the type of repair and help you need and click search that how simple it is avoid those ridiculous frees. Honk For help or Honk Technologies are pure Scam company, this why you need to use good companies with great records and actual repair shops and not a stupid app that beyond it the are greedy predator personnel’s. please be advice not to use this company Honk for Help “unless you are a complete sucker or idiot “. .

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