Horizon Homes & Properties LLC Review


Horizon homes and properties, llc is the name of Nora Rozin scam agency who rent properties, a month before my lease expire she suit me at Gwinnett courts she claim that y destroy the apartment be cause i hang up pictures in the wall ! the woonderfull Gwinnett court give everyting to Nora Rozin: one scrach on door = a new door , advertaising, cleaning etc she ask for $2,000 dollars the gwinnett court give to her $3,000 this is something that I never in my 50 years of life my eyes see! me and my family are christians that never harm anybody or any property the apartment was with somany problems leaking in the kitchen from the roof was a constant disaster she never take care of the problems, after that she put a levy in my bank account with out ask me to pay the court judgment, and cleam my bank account leaving many checks bounce (was my bussisness account) a total disaster she is a scammer and GOD will take care the injustices. .

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