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After 2 weeks of trying (thru all available channels) to contact HR Block to rectify an issue with a promo to BUY their product, YES I REPEAT>>> BUY $$$$ their product… (download) after being a loyal customer for 10 years, I find chat with the hope that my issue will be resolved. Below is the response that is unedited (except for my phone number being x’ed out). Imagine having a real problem with a return when they are actually unwilling to help you buy their product. Who has any connections to major media ?? This is the response…………….. Turbo Tax, Tax Act or any other software anyone ?? Welcome to H&R Block Technical Support. Please wait while we find a technical support agent to assist you. You have been connected to Kevin B.. Kevin B.: Hello Lou, welcome to H&R Block Tax Product Support! Please allow me a few moments to review the information you have submitted to us. Lou P: ok Kevin B.: I do apologize but i am unable to send e-mail offering discounts, they do not give tech support the ability to do so Lou P: then find someone who could……. all I hear is no, or no contact back…. chat will be copied and pasted as needed. pleased help your company and clients…… Kevin B.: I do apologize, this is an issue out of my reach. I have no control over product pricing. Lou P: if you DO NOT want my business then please say so…. I will go elsewhere…. MAKE it happen or connect me to someone who could !!!!!!!! Lou Pagnotti: no more excuses.. Kevin B.: I do not have the ability to do so I am sorry. I would if I could. I am only tech support. I handle software issues. Lou P: then connect me to someone who could !! Lou P: get a supervisor Lou P: contact your manager Kevin B.: Would you like to speak with a supervisor? Lou P: have someone I already contacted call me back Lou P: please Lou P: 570-xxx-xxxx Lou P: call me Kevin B.: I do not know who you have contacted, I do not have access to that information. Lou P: call center…Timothy was the supervisor Kevin B.: Nor am I able to send outbound calls. We are located in a different area, I am unfamiliar with timothy. Lou P: PLEASE have someone call me…….. Kevin B.: Lou, I really wish I could do so. You seem to be a little frustrated and I understand. h*o&R has restricted me from sending outbound calls. You can call in our customer service line if you wish to speak with someone Kevin B.: Were you planning to use the online program or download the software? Lou Pagnotti: I have already done that as well as e-mailed from your survey results….. SEVERAL TIMES>> Lou P: NO ONE CARES……… Will post online and contact Mr. Cobb…….. Lou P: All I hear is excuses……. Lou P: Your Supervisor has to have the ability to contact SOMEONE who can at LEAST call me back……. Kevin B.: Lou, here at tech support. We do not send outbound calls. The only way we can have someone call you, is to escalate your software issue. You do not have a software issue. Like I have previously stated, we handle software issue. You are asking of me for something out of my reach. I really wish there was something I could do. Kevin B.: It has been approximately four minutes since we last received a response from you. Unfortunately, I can only wait for another minute before disconnecting this chat session. I will send a final response before I disconnect this chat session. I apologize for any inconvenience. Lou P: The issue is “I WANT TO BUY YOUR SOFTWARE” !!!! That IS my issue.. That means your company receives $$$$$$$, Money, Dollars, Pounds, Yen, Francs, Marks, Bucks, Legal Tender, etc !!!! With that they PAY YOU and your associates. No call back, no REVENUE…. If this were posted online do you really thing Mr. Cobb would like the fact that you are essentially REFUSING to make a sale !!!! REALLY !!!! Please have someone contact me. I have tried several times, thru several channels (phone, internet, calls to a local office, etc.) with no Lou P: NOW YOU PUT A TIME RESTRICTION ON ME AS I TYPE SLOW>>>> Lou P: CONTINUED…. with no satisfaction.. Have a great day !!!!! good by !!!!! Kevin B.: Thank you for contacting H&R Block Tax Product Support, Lou. We look forward to supporting you in the future! Lou P: Good, as I have not received any support NOW…….. Thank you for using H&R Block Technical Support. Your satisfaction is important to us. You’ll soon receive a short survey via e-mail. Please share your thoughts about your service experience. Your chat has now ended. Please close this window. Your session has ended. You may now close this window. .

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