Hughesnet SQUAW VALLEY California


Complaint: Contracted for 2 yrs at 79.99 plus equipment rental service often had so much buffering could not watch movie. Canceled after 2 yrs was offered rate of 49.99. Still canceled but they were going to charge me $300. If equipment not returned which involves getting on roof. Decided to take the $49. offer and continue service. On website they are offering free standard installation and basic 10mb for $49.99 locked inrate for 2 years. When I try to resume my service, first they say $49.99 is only for 6 monthes then it goes back up. Second person I talk to states 2 years but they are going to charge me installation charge of $160. even though I already have the equipment service has only been off for a month and only needs to be plugged back in. Feel this is really a ripoff. I am senior citizen but will hire someone to get on my roof to avoid the excessive $300. charge if equipment not returned.

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Address: 11717 EXPLORATION LANE Germantown, Maryland United States



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