Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Review


Having purchased vehicles from HB Jeep before, and having recommended them to many of my 940 clients over the years; I was EXTREMELY disappointed today in their lack of integrity – even after admitting they screwed up! I saw them add for 2 vehicles I was looking for, contacted their sales person and made arrangements to purchase before the 1 ½ drive each way and verified the pricing! | Within 10 minutes of arrival, I noticed that the MSRP on the vehicle’s window sticker was significantly LOWER than what they said in them adds; making their discount less than advertised. I pointed this out to the salesman, who said – “I’ve never seen this happen before. My apologies. I’m sure my manager will honor the error.” I mentioned that maybe the other vehicle was correct; sad to say, it too had the same deceptive error. What are the odds! If you’ve ever bought from them, you were probably quietly screwed too. | 1 ½ hours later, after having most all the work completed to purchase the vehicle; the manager admitted the error; but, said that “in small print, it says if a mistake is made, we don’t honor them”. | I’m an employer, if my employee makes an error – I will do my best to honor it and serve the client. They admitted the error but was unwilling to make even a ONE-dollar adjustment towards the $1,000 error. | Thus, they went from being a vendor I would recommend to a deceptive, dishonorable dealer. I would suggest that you avoid them. HONOR DOESN’T MATTER IN POLITICS; but, it should matter in business!

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