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Ideal Towing placed a sticker on my motorcycle that stated “this vehicle is abandoned and will be towed in 3 days” I called the number on the sticker lady who answered phone claimed no knowedge of Ideal Towing and stated that the number I called was for a “different tow company”. I double checked the number called back again and the lady hung up the phone on me. I woke up the next morning to find my motorcycle was gone. I called the tow company and they denied placeing the sticker on my motorcycle (I had already taken a picture of the sticker and it was the same exact sticker I personally saw them putting on many other vehicles in the past). I also told the Ideal Towing representative that she was lying because I recorded the previous conversation and this one. She got mad and said I had no right to do so, then I educated her about Texas “single-party-consent law pertaining to recorded converstions, she got nervous and hung up the phone. I reported the motorcycle stolen. The officer who took the report said “Ideal towing is notorious for towing and failing to report the tow to the police, which results in a lot of confusion for everyone involved. I asked niegbors if they saw anything, one nieghbor did in fact see my motorcycle getting towed. I called Ideal Towing back and they denied everything again. two weeks later I get a call from the police that my motorcycle can be picked up at the towing enforcement lot. When I arrived to pick up my motorcycle the tow attendant stated that my motorcycle was drivable only had a few scratches and that I would have to pay $250 to release it. After I reluctantly paid the fee, I was escorted to my motorcycle and found it scattered across the parking lot wrecked and broken in pieces. I looked up at the paking lot attendant and asked if this was supposed to be a bad joke. The parking lot attendant smiled at me (exposing her disgusting meth-rotted teeth, smoking some trash pall mall cigarette) and laughed as she said “oops, guess it’s not drivable after all… And there’s no refunds, so don’t bother asking.” I took pictures of the wrecked motorcycle (the orange sticker they put inside the windscreen is still visable in the lower center portion of the photo, you can tell they tried to scrape it off) and left. I bought the motorcycle cash and only had liability insurance on it, and since it is now worthless I left it there and was never reimbursed. The apartment complex who contracted Ideal Towing refuses to hold Ideal Towing accountable because they are recieving kick-backs everytime a vehicle is towed (illegally or not, makes no differnce). Ideal Towing pays local hoodrat kids to call them when they see cars that can be towed on property. Neigbors have regularly seen local hoodrat kids roaming through the parking lot late at night vandalizing cars. Then Ideal Towing shows up just in time to put the “abandoned vehicle” sticker on the vanadalized car and distribute everyones commission.

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