immoral, degenerate and low-minded people


Liberty Endoscopy has a terrible accounting staff. I had chosen to pay them through a plan, but I ended up paying them much more than the due amount. When I had contacted them about this issue, they told me that theyíll look into it and try to fix this issue. The amount was getting deducted from my insurance automatically every month and it had even reached double the due amount.

Obviously, I was irritated. When I contacted my insurance company about this issue, they told me that I need to resolve the issue with the billing company. I was quite irritated by this fiasco. They were deducting around $30 every month and it didnít stop. When I tried to contact them again they didnít respond. They stopped picking up my calls! I tried calling them through a different number.

When they picked up, I discussed my issue with them. The representative told me that he will connect me with one of their seniors and told me to wait. I was put on hold for around 15 minutes. Then, I realized they werenít going to connect me with their supervisor. I canít tell you how much painful it is to talk to a customer support representative who isnít listening to what youíre saying. They finally stopped when I complained about them on a forum. But they had already charged me nearly three times the due payment.

All I know is, Liberty Endoscopy is a financial scamming organization. Itís either that or they have a really pathetic accounting team which gets support from a careless customer support staff. I canít tell you how much infuriating these people really were. The way their customer support used to avoid me was terrible. For them, the customers donít matter much. What matters to them is their online reputation. A simple complaint helped me get rid of their constant billing. However, they didnít apologize for heck, they didnít even accept their mistake in the first place. According to them, it was the Ďdue amountí which I was paying. And they were being generous by letting me go.

They are immoral, degenerate and low-minded people who might have a bunch of good doctors but nothing else apart from that. Look, a man gets a payment plan because he is in a financial crunch and he wants to keep his finances stable. But these people take advantage of this facility. They create fake invoices and start charging you for nonsensical stuff. My original bill was nothing compared to what they deducted from my account.

If youíre thinking of paying them through your insurance plan or through your credit card, then youíd be making a mistake. I would suggest you choose someone else for your endoscopy needs. Clearly, these people are thieves and theyíll try to rip you off too. You can do a lot better than these guys. First, they have a devious billing system and to top it all off, they have a careless customer support team which doesnít give a damn about you.

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