Imposter Lending Club Corporation


I was looking for a loan to help with my bills, and I applied for Lending Club Corporation, they denied me. So then I get a text from them saying I was approved. So I answer the text and said no you denied me, they called and said you were approved for $5000, I said I only need $3000 what do I need to do. They said check my information. So they did. Then they said we have to check your bank account I said ok, they said we check it by putting a $1000 dollars in your bank account, and then you go to Walmart and get to 2 Walmart Gift Card half on one card and half not half on the other and text the number and pin on the back to us. I did that, then they said we need to do insurance on you we are sending $700 to your bank account and go to Walmart and get another 2 Walmart gift card and do the same thing again, and then we will send you the loan money. I said this do not seem right. I look up Lending Club Corporation and called the real number they say It wasn’t them. Now I’m getting text messages saying send the money in a Walmart Gift Card until late night, then they start back early in the morning. I don’t know what to do.

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