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Please head this warning before going any further. I want to issue a warning to everyone who is currently doing business with or potentially looking to do business with William L Moore Sr of North Carolina. Former business owner of Heritage Signs of Dinwiddie VA and currently involved in the Fraud/Embezzlement dispute between him and his own son. Mr. Moore was not your typical honest business man. As with most tycoons and money hungry white collar criminals, William would burn every bridge and hang even his own son out to dry if it came down to it just to make a little extra money. William is the type of person that would go the extra mile if he knew he was going to get out on top. From forging city/county building permits, to tax evasion and embezzlement like no other, he has done it all. From falsifying crane inspections, equipment serial and owner information, and modifying company records to prevent Big Brother from knowing how much he really puts in his pocket to telling customers and honest businessman what they want to hear to make more profit. I have personally seen Mr Moore overcharge for parts, install used parts and charge for new parts, gouge customers who had no idea, took advantage of the weak, and also insurance fraud for customers to provide damage repair quotes unlawfully so they could collect higher insurance checks. Mr. Moore has ripped of people left and right, if you have been unfortunate enough to do business with him, I can assure you he has stole, lied, or cheated you in some way. The guy makes his money by preying on the weak and those who are not able to see past his silver tongue and lies. He takes in what ever side kick he can get at the time who is dumb enough to fall under his spell of lies and fake promises, they believe him and think they will come out on top, only to find out in the end he is all for himself. Bryan Chase is currently is business partner and is currently practicing bad business ethics as well, following in the footsteps of this so called man. Karen Jeffress is also a known associate and currently the book keeper for DM Signs, which I can bet will change names soon enough. Since Bill Moore has owned business’s he has changed the name more than 15 times, and those are the times we know of. Bill Moore has stolen money from the City of Richmond, forged city and county documents abroad in the state of Virginia, hires employees without CDL’s to drive 15 ton Cranes without proper training, Bill Moore falsifies income records and reports and never claims the correct amounts with the IRS. Bill Moore is a name you will never forget when he screws you over like he does everyone on his path to greed. The following are companies that Mr William (Bill) L Moore has done business with and conned them out of money by faking extra trip charges, labor and material used, and did not do the jobs or complete them as the plans called for: Sadler Brothers Oil New Dixie Oil Entera Branding Enloe Inc Everbrite AGI Signs Ruggles Signs Persona Adart Signs Chandler Signs Blair Anchor Signs Thomas Sign and Awning Allen Industries Burger King and many others. No more will we be silent and let people like this continue to do business. All over the world countries are overthrowing tyrants and dictators to live a free and honest life. William L Moore is the Muammar Gaddafi of the small business world and soon Big Brother will catch up to him and I can imagine he will have a jail sentence that is equal to his buyout price. I will make it my personal mission, to make everyone aware of Mr Moore’s intentions and wrong doings. I only hope that I spare someone else the heartache and complications of dealing with Mr Moore. Even if I only save one person from losing money or burning the bridge with them, it will still be success to me. Mr Moore currently is married to Melinda Howard, who was his sons ex-girlfriend -Mr Moore use to own Rumors which was a food and bar establishment in Dinwiddie & South Hill, VA which like everything else he owns, has changed names a few times. Now that the heat is falling on Bill Moore, he is shifting all assets and property into his Wifes name, Melinda Moore (Howard) – its only a matter of time before he ruins his relationship with her and she leaves him as well because of his greed. I wish the best to all of you serious and honest business owners out there, and hope you head this warning. Next time you can’t get a hold of William (Bill) Moore Sr, just check the local casino’s. FAILURE TO PAY STATE TAXES: William L. Moore, Sr., 55, of the 100 block of Lauria Court, Littleton, NC., was charged with failure to pay state taxes on Dec. 6.

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