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This company is marketing itself as a direct sales company, which a business opportunity for people. The company “story” states five family members are involved. However, only one family member actually surfaces or is able to be contacted. | People signed up, paid for starter kits. They didn’t arrive. Customers ordered tattoo collections as well as custom orders (for planned fundraisers), they did not arrive. The owner (Sabrina Boone), after three months, notified several leaders that she was closing the company because she could no longer afford it, was unable to ship products and was shutting the company down. She indicated she would ship orders that had been purchased as she was able. | No products were ever received, commissions were not received for sales made, and now the company is once again advertising for new reps to sign up for the business opportunity. The website also is advertising that she is raising money for charitable organizations – The breast cancer tattoos that were sold have never shipped. It is doubtful that the charity she is using to promote the poppy collection even knows they are being listed to promote her sales for things she will probably never ship. | Of note, when the other “family members” were contacted about missing orders, they denied even knowing what anyone was talking about. | This has to be at best a mail fraud scam. Do a Google search on the owner. We have learned she is on probation. So, she MAY be located in TN, but her probation is in SC so maybe she lives there. One never knows.

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