Applied for a loan and received an email from Inkberry stating I was approved and to call to go over process. I was approved for a $5000.00 loan, but had to send in a security deposit due to poor credit rating of $500.00 to secure the loan which I did. The next day I was told I had to send the remainder of the security deposit-the 500 was only partial-to release the loan. I sent an additional $470.60 as the remainder. The following day, I received a call stating that stated in the loan agreement, I would need to send a $650.00 brokerage fees. The loan would then be released. The next day, I was told that the lender would not release the loan as it had been sitting for 2 days and would not pay the $500.00 to release it. I am financially strapped and have poor credit-so I agreed to pay to get the loan released. I was told the loan was processed and released and would be deposited into my account Monday (12-30-13) morning. There was no deposit ad I was not able to reach anyone by phone to follow up. The company was supposed to help improve my credit and help me with a fresh financial start. It has proven to do neither. I borrowed all the money sent from family and friends.. I demand partial money back. Stay away

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