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Me and my Wife bought a Intellibed almost 2 years ago. We paid almost 2500.00 for this bed. after 1.6 years the bed started to sag, we took care of it followed the instructions for care. you can’t flip it because it is one sided just like their warranty.ha ha meaning it is Gel you only can rotate it, and we did. I called the Mfg. 3 times and finally they sent me a warranty claim form. I thought Okay we are now going to resolve this, Again we only paid 2500.00$$ FOR THE BED!! How dumb I was to think We was going to get help. they sent the form, and when I started to read it I got so mad!! On the form it stated Any Stains this will void your warranty NEXT TO IT, WAS HAND WRITTEN IN (WE MEAN ANY STAIN OF ANY KIND OR SIZE) AND, THEY HIGH LIGHTED AND MADE 3 EXPALNTION MARKS ON THE SIDE OF IT!!! SO WHEN I CALLED THEM THEY GAVE THE SAME B.S. OH WE’RE SORRY WE WILL NOT HELP YOU IF THEIR IS A STAIN ,OF ANY TYPE OR SIZE YOU SHOULD YOU HAVE BOUGHT OUR 200.00$ MATTRESS PROTECTOR THAT IS MADE OF PLASTIC AND YOU WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM, THEN HUNG THE PHONE UP ON ME AND I COULD HER HIM LAUGH AS HE WAS HANGING UP THE PHONE!! SO BUYER BEWARE!!! READ ALL WARRANTY FORMS BEFORE YOU LAY OUT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY$$ THAT WAS THEIR OUT .(TO RIP YOU OFF!!!) SLEEPLESS IN LAS VEGAS

4874 S. Highland Drive S.L.C. UT 84117 Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America


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