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Seems like here comes another compliant that won’t be resolved, and I’m sure I’m complaining about things that were complaint about, two years ago, as well … I have also been a happy and always supportive client of Intercape, until today, and no more … The toilet is either broken or so dirty that, the bus driver stops next to the road, and hands special clients a roll of toilet paper, . I am saying special clients, because when I, and many, also wanted to urinate, I was denied . . . The 15 min refreshment stops are at the drivers discretion, if you’re a young lady, you can have up to a half hour at a refreshment stop, otherwise, just shut up and sit down, I was told, so yes, another rude driver, a rotten potato, influencing a friendly co-employee of Intercape . . . This will be my last trip making use of Intercape, no more, [censored] you all

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