Internet Movie Database [IMDb] Review


The message boards are not in moderation; they have bots, spammers and attention whores crawling on the most popular shows, movies and games and end up with a flood of unnecessary topics. Most message board users are white Anglo-Saxon protestants, anti-Semites and Islamophobics from ages 14 to 16. Jeff Bezos needs to take a look on IMDB’s moderation lately. None of IMDB’s moderators are taking actions against them. They’re very unprofessional. I think this site needs a complete shut down and send Col Needham to court. This may be a good place to look at user reviews, but the message boards are indeed the complete mess. I would not recommend it if you’re going to talk to somebody at their message boards. The dumb kids at IMDB think they know movies, but they really don’t. I know how to deal with movies since I experienced multimedia in college. If I were you, I would try going on Metacritic for the user reviews. If not, then Rotten Tomatoes may be your last resort.

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