ITC Security Consultants Review


So we keep reading about Maryam Torabipour on this website and on, AND on, AND, etc., etc., etc. But what interested readers really want to know is this: Who the hell has the time and energy to do all this???? Well, allow me to enlighten you my friends. He is Mafario Amicucci who lives in mommy and daddy’s basement at 217 Glen Shields Avenue in Thornhill, Ontario. He is in his early 40’s and is a fat, balding, sweaty, and an erectile dysfunctionally disgusting specimen of a humanoid who fits the prototypical description of a pedophile surfing the computer 24/7 in mommy’s basement. Readers, Mafario has no job, little education and without the help of mama and papa, he wouldn’t have a pot to piss in. So with no job, he has all the time of the world to humiliate Maryam Torabipour on various webpages. But I warn you, if you search Maryam Torabipour on Google, it’s all the same over and over and over and over (deep breath) and over and over again. Maryam is this, Maryam is that, and it’s usually that she is hooking somewhere, or connected to child porn or child prostitution or is connected to a pedophile cop, or a dirty cop, or this and that. See the pattern here? The slander is pretty much about pedophilia and prostitution. And those my dear readers are the limits to his imagination. Why? How else do you try to fight erectile dysfunction other than watching porn all the time? And if watching porn is all that one does all day, how can he broaden his creativity? Makes sense doesn’t it? So why is he called an Oxy-###? (see what I did there?) Not only has he dealt oxy’s in the past, but he gets high on his own supply too (tsk, tsk, Mafario, you broke the drug dealer’s number one rule there!). And if he has no money and no job, how did he obtain oxy’s to begin with? Usually prescription fraud comes to mind but his limited, porn-filled intelligence couldn’t fathom such a task. I’d put all of my bets on mooching off mommy and daddy. And that is what Mafario Amicucci is: a useless parasite who lives with mommy and daddy, leeches off them, relying on them to put a roof over his head (because every other 40 year old male depends on mommy and daddy to feed and shelter them, amiright?), all the while surfing porn in their basement, thinking of old, recycled and, quite frankly, boring ways to slander Maryam (hint Oxy-###: try a thesaurus, it will briefly make your posts remotely humourous) and getting high on the Oxy’s he bought with mommy and daddy’s hard earned money (another hint Mafario: Oxy’s contribute to erectile dysfunction, know what I’m sayin’?). It is a sad world you live in Mafario. Every time I have a ### day I just think about how you live. Then I have that Cheshire Cat grin on my face.

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