Complaint: James sr. (CROOK), I know you will read this. Be sure and read the last paragraph. I added some more to this. This has nothing to do with his son, James, who works in the same garage. I think his son (James) is honest. I took my car to James’ Garage in Tuckerman, Arkansas on April 17, 2001 to get my motor rebuilt. I paid $1000 in advance. Finally, 6 months later, in October, I got my car back. I got a bill for $2485.00. The motor was worse then, than it was before I took it to be rebuilt. It still has a knock in it and don’t run as good as it did. I told him I needed a universal joint and he put on a driveshaft and charged me $80 for that. James’ Garage was supposed to have replaced the plug wires, but he left the old broken wires on my motor. He left the old dirty, greasy air filter on my engine. He caused my fuel pump to leak and would not put another one on. He charged me for a new distributer and left my old distributer on my engine. He put the wrong spark plugs in my motor. He got my carburetor out of adjustment. He put a new radiator on and now it leaks transmission fluid from one of the lines that connects to the radiator. I had to take it to another mechanic to get my carburetor adusted and set the time to make it run better and to stop the leak at the line that runs to the radiator. I am still going to have to have lots of work done to my engine. James said he was done and he was not going to do any more. Since then there have been at least 20 other people told me that James did them the same way. A month after I took my car to JAMES’GARAGE, I took my wife’s car to him to be repaired. It was not running right. I picked it up the next day. James said it was fixed. I paid him over $100 and drove it for about 30 minutes and it was still doing the same thing, not running right. I took it back to James. He kept it for another day and told me it was fixed again. He charged me $131.72. I drove the car home and it still does not run right. I have paid the CROOK twice and my wife’s car still does not run right. I also took him a car a few years ago to have a 500 Amp battery put on. He charged me for a 500 Amp battery. When I got home, I checked it out and it was only a 400 Amp battery. One man told me that he took a vehicle to JAMES’ GARAGE with a 350 cu. in. engine in it to be rebuilt and when he got it back it had a 305 cu. in. engine in it. An older gentleman told me that JAMES’ GARAGE charged him $300.00 just to put an oil pan on his car. James is a CROOK. He lied to me for six months while I waited on my car. He said my car would have a new crankshaft in it, but after I got my car back I had my crankshaft checked and it still has my old crankshaft in it. He cost me lots of money. I had to buy another car to drive while I was waiting on him to get through with mine. He even messed up my electric door locks. They worked just fine when I took my car to him and when I got it back, they would not work. I hope he reads this on the web site. I’m not through with him yet. I’m getting all my evidence together and then I’m takeing him to court. Back in 1994 I took a 1992 mercury to James to get the overdrive adjusted. When I went to pick it up, he said he had to rebuilt the transmission. He charged me $1500.00 and the transmission never worked any better than it did before I took it to him. The transmission was so bad, I had to sell the car for a lot less than it was worth. I have found out that he has been ripping people off for 30 years. I could go on and on about the things James did wrong to my car, but I think this is enough for people to get the point. I have 2 other mechanics for witness about my motor. All my friends are witness to what has happened. He’s going to have to be stopped. I’m just the man to stop him. He is going to be arrested for Deceptive Trade Practices. The penalty is up to $1000.00 fine and up to 1 year in prison or both, if found guilty. I have all the evidence I need to put him away for awhile. Win or lose, it will cost him a lot more money than he has cost me in the past. Ever since he ripped me off the first time, I’ve been patiently waiting for the time to put him in jail.

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Address: P.O. box 1240 Tuckerman, Arkansas U.S.A.


Phone: 870-349-2668

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