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Complaint: I want to report that JB Hunt is the worst company I have ever dealt with as far as the way they handle recruiting and hiring of female drivers. It started out a year ago. I was contacted by JB Hunt recriters via email offering me an opportunity to apply for a position with their company. What they offered in the email sounded good so I took the bait. The recruiters were so personable and caring, (so it seemed) They said they would love to bring me on board so lets get you qualified. After a few emails and phone calls back and forth I was told I qualified and placed for orientation. Not only me but my husband also. We were so excited and happy to be working together for the same company again. Looking foward to the local home every night off two days a week job they offered. One day before we were to leave for orientation I was called and told I had been denied and my orientation was canceled I’d have to get three more months drive experience to qualify. Oh okay I can handle that. My husband got to start right away. Bummer right, but we can deal with it. Three months down the road I still wasn’t qualified, they changed their minds now I need an additional three months. Wow this is unexpected, but okay. Not happy but willing to do what is needed to get into this postion they are offering. Almost one year later since the first contact with JB Hunt, their recuiters contact me again via email. They are oh so excited to be bringing me on board right? Remember they have all my info already from my previous applications, I am told that I am qualified again, then called back told no still not enough experience, then called again apoligized too told they made a mistake and I have been approved for sure by the director, called back told no sorry too many accidents, I complain so they call back again and say sorry the director said you are approved, every thing is fine we will get you in orientation. I’m sent all the details, lead on for over a week. I spend lots of time effort and money preparing to leave for 4 days for orientation, then am sent a very short email stating I have been disqualifed and orientation has been canceled again. Just like that! I am now very hurt and disappointed to say the least. I call and of course the original recuiters won’t speak to me. I have a simple misdemeanor that is 2 and half years old, so I am disqualified again. Okay, but why did they tell me I was for sure qualifed only a few days ago? I was for sure okayed by the director? Why are you playing with my feelings like this? The answer I get, “I don’t know

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Address: they shouldn’t have told you that. We were not done with all the background checks. I have to follow company policy

Website: 615 J. B. Hunt Corporate Drive Lowell, Arkansas USA

Phone: I cann’t do anything.”” I am going to look into this and see if there is some kind of legal action I can take against this company. I’m not sure at this point. But what I am sure of is I will never ever work for them no matter how good their offers sound. My husband is doing okay with them

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