John McDermount


When I first called the ilegal business it was a.k.a as space hunters now John McDermount changed the name which is located at 333 lexington avenue the ilegal operation used to to be located somewhere on E 45th | This criminal has stolen people monies lied placed false advertisement concering room this bum was arrested in underwaers the operation he’s running is a one bum show no one else works there accept him and this other broad there’s pictures of this fraud online getting arrested just look this bum up on google his ilegal business | it’s amazing they allow this Devil to keep operating an ilegal business this is the prime example of W.T. | I hate say it but John is a scumbag that was literally (((REDACTED VIOLATION IN TOS))) I feel so bad for all of the people scammed this ba*rd is going to rot in hell do your homework | and don’t do business with this beast otherwise you weill be giving your money to Satan

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