Jam Enterprises has been in business under several different names for several years. According to a report, they have scammed people out of over $38,000,000 by fraudulently selling television cable boxes. I am a victim of their scam I purchased 4 cable boxes in on September 3rd, 2013, received them and with the help of the owner, found they didn’t work with my cable company. Under his advice, I returned them in October, 2013, within the time they give for returns. That was my last contact with the company. They never sent my money back, won’t return phone calls, and ignore voice mail messages. I know I lost my $440, but I can’t understand how this company can take over $38,000,000 from innocent people and continue to do so. What is wrong with our judicial system that allows this to happen. The Englewood Police Dept. in Colorado won’t do anything to help. They said I should contact a lawyer. Why can’t they help put a stop to this??? Paying a lawyer is not an option.. I demand All of my money back!. Stay away

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