Juvarelle, Skinvibrants


I ordered a free trial of skin cream, and a free trial of eye lift cream. All it required was that I pay shipping. I did, and they sent the product. A few weeks later they took $94.97 out of my account. A few days after this I had one pending for $99.74. I called and they told me that this was for the products they sent me. I told them it was a free trial, they argued they had sent me a 30 day supply.. I have a receipt for these two products which show the cost as $0.00 and shipping was 4.95 for one and the other cost was $0.00 and shipping was $5.95 for a thirty day supply. Now I have to return these products, at my expense again, and will have nothing to show for it. I hope they will credit my account with the 94.97 and the 99.74. This should be against the law!

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