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Everyone has been touched by cancer in someway. Loosing a loved one, friend, or even yourself. | abdul saleh called my house. Requesting my account number to a bank account and routing number for a charity donation to KANCER Foundation. This phone was PRIVATE. This guy sounded foriegn. I then did research only to find this man listed with several aliases along with his wife Nora Saleh. Give me a break. Stop being lazy and get a job. DO NOT FALL for this. I reported it to several agencies. After this call, I slammed the phone down. Two minutes later I received a call stating it was the IRS, that I owe money. The caller ID stated IRS. When I requested a telephone number to return the call back. He yelled at me in some arabic words. STAY AWAY. COUNT YOUR BLESSING YOU DO NOT HAVE CANCER YOU USE THOGS.

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