KinderCare Education Complaint


Absolute and utter lack of care for children and staff! I Currently work at a Portland Kindercare facility, there is no attention payed to staff about concerns or complaints regarding best care practices of children. It is a “baby meat market”, all they care about is the bottom line. Which is the max child capacity to teacher ratio. Children are moved from room to room all day long, whatever benefits the center. I am an infant teacher in a room sectioned for babies 6 weeks to 6 months. Our room is licensed for 8 children, my co-teacher and I take care of 8 infants. A 1 to 4 teacher to child ratio is not only hard it is absolutely unreal. Your child is lucky to even have their basic needs met i.e. diapers, feeding, naps, there is no time for anything outside of this. I am payed slightly above minimum wage and my children”s parents pay nearly $1, 500 a month for a full-time child. This equates to the harsh reality that I make $1, 000 (after taxes) a month working 40 hour weeks. Thus, I am payed for taking care of one child and the center has the other three for profit. There is no support from management nor care for the childs needs by my employers. It is a get them in get them out enterprise. All centers have this problem, this is the second kindercare I have worked for. With Oregon”s 10.8 percent unemployment rate I am stuck in this job. I just absolutely stress to you to never work for this company and never ever send your child into any of these facilities. I am an educated young woman of age 23, just a 12 credits shy of earning a Bachelor of Science degree at Portland State University majoring in Psychology. Once again please hire a nanny or stay home with your child, you have to work it out. Attachment forms from 0 to age 3, this means your child”s attachment to you is critical during this time! Children do not need social stimulation at this time as much as they need their mother or father.

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