La Quinta Inn & Suites houston Texas Review


This is the worse Hotel stay I have ever had in my life…”Do not””..spend one dime at this hotel.<br /><br />This was my first visit to the La Quinta Hotels…it had the best price and I said to myself wow..what a good price lower than everyone and book a room..what a mistake!!<br />When I made it to the hotel it was around 4:45 pm…I had just made the drive from Beaumont

Texas 5 1/2 hour drive I just wanted a bath and sleep…to my dismay I was told their where no rooms ready and for me to go over to the lobby and wait until they call me…what? Wait until you call me?…check in time was 3:00pm wow! It was about 5:30 p.m. when my name was called..I went over and ask for a reciept she said “”oh no we do not bill you until you check out you can’t get a reciept”” well…I check my bankstatment and wow…quest what…the billed my card!!…I had only one clean towel (because they were out of towels). So the next morning I went to the front desk and told them the charged my card..and I had no towels..and could I get my room cleaned..I will be out all day..<br />Got back to my room around 5:35pm and quest what? you quest it…my room was not clean I had no towels!!..and they told me we are working our way to you…working your way to 5:35pm..I was dirt tired…I just said give me some towels…quest what again?..You got it!! THERE WERE NOT TOWELS I HAD TO WAIT!!…WOW! I cleaned my room and waited for towels…about 7:53pm… pm I get a knock at the door…giving me the clean towels..I complaint to quest services…nothing…I complaint to the hotel…nothing..they did nothing…wait yes they did do something…THEY MADE SURE THEY BILLED ME FOR POOR SERVICE! AVOID THIS HOTEL AT ALL COST…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BAD ATTITUDES..THEY JUST DON’T CARE. TWO DAYS OF PURE HELL!!”

4431 horizon Hill Blvd San Antiono, Texas United States of America


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