LA Weight Loss Centers Clearwater Florida Review


I was also an LA weightloss customer. Their practices are very deceptive!! I joined with a friend. We both paid $561.00 UP FRONT! without being told that we had to purchase $28 a week of the LA lites!, the Second week we went in to weigh we were told of the additional prices!!We both went FAITHFULLY 3 times a week to weigh in and purchased the LA lites each week!!, I had to put my plan on a medical hold due to an Aneurysm.,and advised them of this. When I tried to return 1/7/03, simply to RESTART the year program that I paid upfront for, I was told by the Manager that I would have to pay a $99 RESTART fee!! I was going to restart with the intention of NEVER purchasing the LA Lites again!!. nI only needed to loose 14 pounds to begin with and certainly do not need the extra sugar or Protein in the LA lites. Of course when I refused to pay the $99 (as did my friend) we were told that “only Corporate”” could make the decision”” to either waive the fee

or give us a refund. We went home and called the Corporate office in Tampa that same day. Only to be told that we would have our files transferred to their office and have a decision by an Area manager. Today is the 14th and still – no return phone call from Corporate. nAlso

we both looked at our files when we went in on 1/7/03 and there were fraudulant entries

Blood pressure readings that WERE NEVER TAKEN!!!

Weights entered – THAT THEY NEVER TOOK!!

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