Lacy Nabors Oklahoma Cheaters


My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years, although it was never perfect we were together. He has a son who’s mom abandoned him when he was about 18 months old. Since I starting dating him I took care of his son like my own (now 6 almost 7 years old) he also took care of my son and played a big role in his life he was 2 when we started dating and he is now 7. We also have a baby boy who is two years old. Our relationship started in wyoming but we moved to Florida to be closer to family. The jobs in Florida are still not that good so he got a job on the road working in Oklahoma (where he met this homewrecker). I was home taking care of three kids (one of which not even being mine) working 55 hours a week and going to school full time. Things started out great he was bringing in some good money working out of town and we were finally getting back on our feet and actually started to get ahead. It was a few weeks later when he started acting shady. Going out to dinner at a certain restaurant an awful lot, not texting me nearly half as much and”sleeping” a lot. This happened for a month or so and we started fighting a lot he seemed like he wanted to pick a fight with me over anything and everything. It was hard on me being home alone with our 3 boys doing it all on my own. || New Years came and we took a vacation to Colorado. It was great (or so I thought) we had the most fun I think we’ve ever had. After our vacation I go back to Florida and he continues to work out of state. Then things went back to how they were before. The arguing, the stories, the lies upon lies. Then he added a new girl on facebook (who was from Oklahoma) I looked at her Facebook and Instagram and found pictures of her wearing his hat saying things about him in her little”hashtags”. I then messaged her on Facebook and asked how she knew my bf she told me then he said we broke up. I asked my bf after I sent him all the screen shots of everything and he confessed. They both said they didn’t sleep together but the pictures make me believe otherwise. I talked to a mutual friend of Lacy and someone my bf met (a guy) and said he hung out with. He then told me Lacy was in fact MARRIED and has a son of her own, but that they were divorcing (don’t blame him for divorcing his whore of a”wife”.) || My bf is just as much to blame in this whole thing. The guy knew about me and saidLlacy knew about me so she lied to me saying that my bf told her he didn’t have a gf. Homewreckers just like to play the game. I then went through his texts where he was sending these pictures of this ruthless slut to his mother! Winner winner chicken dinner, right? While all along she knew I was home taking care of HIS children, but she’s a homewrecker herself so she would be happy to have her son with some slut. Needless to say I’m sure this homewrecker isn’t done playing her games and I’m sure my soon to be ex isn’t either, but I won’t be around to be taken advantage of any longer. He has put me down emotionally for too long and enough is enough. I thought about maybe not doing this but why not? He or she didn’t think about the consequences of breaking up our children’s lives and home. || Men and women out there if you are doing this I promise you will get caught whether it’s now or a year from now the truth is always exposed and so are the Homewreckers! He’s begging me not to leave him and saying he was wrong. Well not this time. He is sorry. A sorry loser. And as far as she goes she definitely has the”London look” with that huge ass gap between her teeth. I guess if I looked like that I would have to find attention any way I could too.

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