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Donít Give Enough Time

Lassus Wherley has been a huge disappointment for me. As a client, I expected them to deliver great service but that didnít happen. Instead, I only received insulting and disrespectful behaviour from this firm. I thought hiring a fiduciary instead of a financial advisor would ensure high-quality service but thatís not true. You shouldnít believe everything you hear about a service provider. Thatís a big reason why I have added a review here. Others should know the truth behind this firm and its horrible services.

Working with a disrespectful service provider is very irritating. First, it seems quite pathetic to work with such a group because you think less valued as a client. After all, Iím the one paying them for their services, why should I tolerate such behaviour? On top of that, it feels like a waste of resources. The people at this firm have been many issues and I would like to address them individually so you can understand why itís not okay to work with Lassus Wherley:

Ignored As a Client

The first issue I have with Lassus Wherley and the people working here is how they constantly ignore me. During meetings and calls, I often have to repeat what I said because my advisor doesnít listen to me. Itís very insulting. I thought fiduciaries tend to focus more on providing quality services than others. However, the people at Lassus Wherley have changed my opinion on this matter. Iím certain now that fiduciaries have the leeway to be careless as well. 

Many times, I have felt ignored as a client. I canít explain how irritating it is to work with a firm which ignores you. This means itís difficult for me to get meetings as well as  calls with my advisors. I believe a big reason why they ignore me is because they are too focused on other aspects of their business. Lassus Wherley should seriously improve this sector. 

Donít Acknowledge Criticism

ANother huge downside of working with this firm is that these people never accept criticism. The people at this firm take everything personally. Moreover, I think thereís a huge communication gap at this firm. Because I have complained to the people at this firm before, but no one takes any action. Nothing changes. 

This is a huge reason behind my disappointment. When someone refuses to take professional and constructive criticism, you can be certain that they wonít improve. Lassus Wherley is a hopeless case because of this. I donít think those people will improve their services anytime soon.

Itís a reason why I had to add a review here. If they would have improved their services and would have accepted my criticism, I wouldnít have needed to do all this. But they never accept criticism. Itís quite sad. 

Inaccessible Advisors

As I have discussed before, this firm ignores me a lot. It is very insulting to work with people who donít respect you as a client. Getting a meeting with my fiduciary from this firm is quite challenging. They usually give me late appointments and sometimes, they donít arrive on time. 

Imagine the amount of irritation I must feel at those times. Here I am, paying them additional fees because they are ďfiduciariesĒ when they are making a fool out of me. Itís not okay for a fiduciary to act like this. I believe they are scamming people by claiming to offer excellent services. 

Lassus Wherley Review: Conclusion

When I first heard of Lassus Wherley, I thought it would be a great experience to work with them. I was mistaken. They are terrible service providers and lack decency. Their advisors donít respect their clients and itís obvious in their behaviour. I donít recommend their services to anyone at all. 

You should avoid doing business with these people at all costs. They will increase your blood pressure by giving you terrible appointment timings, ignoring you during meetings, and by refusing to accept criticism. Any other fiduciary would be better. 

Lassus Wherley is a horrible fiduciary firm. They donít treat clients with respect. Due to these reasons, I donít recommend doing business with this financial services firm to anyone.

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