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Possibly have never dealt with a company so completely not ready for prime time. Nearly every employee I have ever dealt with at the company was obnoxious, sarcastic, indifferent, incompetent, or all of those! They also have major technical problems in their platform, that will end up costing you a lot of money, in overspending because of their tech issues, or lost sales on your end. And they are completely indifferent about fixing the problems you show them exist in their platform, that are affecting your ability to use the service. They have a horrible work ethic. They’re the kind of company that closes down early for the day, at every opportunity, in spite of whether or not the important work is finished.. And how their not finishing will effect their customers. These are people who in general take far too long to approve and start running campigns you submit to them. And then would even give a 2nd thought to (for example) walking out the door for a long holiday weekend, with hundreds of campaigns that they haven’t yet approved, all of which were submitted to them for approval (for example) early that Friday AM. The result would be that your traffic campaign would not run, due to its not having been approved, until they got back the following Tues (after the long holiday weekend), becuase they indfferently, decided to just end work at 1pm, with everything still unapproved, when they were really supposed to be doing approvals until 5pm. In short, they do not seem to care at all about their customers. They are instead saracastic and arrogant, and total “type B” or less, personalities. NOT a company you can rely on to have a stable operating system, and a concerned management group, that cares about your success, and you remaining a customer. If you find other traffic methods that work for you, use those… Because LeadImpact.com cannot be relied upon as people, or from a tech standpoint.

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