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As a new mum I thought I could rely on leapfrog as it’s well known! For my baby’s (8month) main Christmas present we thought this would be amazing! A little puppy that can be his friend and help him learn! It also says his name! WOW!!! Well how wrong was we! Finally got around to Trying To set this up and even though you type his name in it still says it doesn’t understand it! My son’s name is Reggie no exactly hard! I even tried typing Reg and still didn’t understand! It also didn’t fit my phone connection. So now I’m stuck with this “best education” toy that my son can not get full use from. I’m a first time mum with very little income and tried to buy him the best I could by selecting leap frog! I can assure I will never purchase this brand again! Considering I emailed to explain we’ll iver a month ago and still have no reply. I’m utterly disgusted and disappointed.

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