Level 3 Funding Review


I hit several scams on Craigslist in a row that don’t pay like their supposed to, this is one of them. One was another lead company that made leads for insurance agents selling final expense life insurance .They said that of all the leads I made only about 25%were "qualified" and they would pay on them.These were all good leads, I been setting appointments for a while, they were just stealing leads and I know they sold the unqualified leads to insurance agents. The next job from Craigslist was a job selling the Obamacare health insurance during the open enrollment.I have an insurance license and took live transfers and closed about 100 people in a month and a half. This company was throwing around big numbers about how much we were going to make. They ripped me off on the final check after open enrollment was over for about & 036;900 dollars and refuse to pay any more. Anything on Craigslist these days is a scam it seems .These guys should be careful who they are scammimg, some people are crazy and do not take too well to being ripped off and just may visit their office and go "Old School" on them!

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