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We were searching for a Sphynx kitten and found LilNudisr on the Internet. Upon talking to the breeder, we decided to purchase Sphynx kitten for $1000. She insisted on meeting us rather than us visiting her home (like most other breeders like to do). This was mistake number 1 on our part. Upon meeting the breeder, we noticed the kitten was a little under the weather. She lied to us and told us that his vaccine caused him to have a little upper respiratory infection. Mistake number 2, we decided to take her work and take the kitten anyways. Three vet visits, over $500 in vet bills later, he is finally on his feet and feeling better. | After forking $1000 in cash over to the breeder and pulling out of the parking lot, we realized she has no licsence plates on her red sebring convertible. RED FLAG! She also promised us papers that she conviently forgot at home (another mistake on our part for being so trusting) and here we are over 3 months later NO PAPERS! | He was supposed to have all shots, yet the records were ‘home produced’ and our vet insisted on not trusting the records since they were not by a Doctor. Another $200 down the drain. | The breeder refuses to return any and all phone calls. She refused to answer any and all emails. | My life partner is in absolute love with his new kitten and we are NOT asking for a refund/return. We just want the papers showing that he is a pure-bread Sphynx cat – after all, that is what the $1000 price tag is buying you. We are not even asking for ANY reimbursement for the enormous vet bills – we just want the papers on the cat. I think she cant produce papers | STAY AWAY FROM THIS BREEDER! She is runing a total scam. I only hope that our kitten isnt an inbreed that will die early of health problems or possibly even a stolen cat.

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