Lisa Markowicz Huddleston Birmingham Michigan


Complaint: As a courtesy to my client, I want to report information that I have found about Ms. Markowicz-Huddleston. Currently, due to her erratic and unlawful behavior see does have an open file with Child Protective Services. What this means is that although they have no hard evidence to file any charges, enough has been witnessed thus far that warrants the state to keep a file open in case of any future complaints.Secondly, my client is in the midst of filing stalking charges against this woman. I am in the middle of completing my investigation that will prove that Ms. Markowicz Huddleston in very mentally disturbed.Please keep in mind, that being a professional, I am able to support any comments or allegations which I have made.

Tags: Family Services

Address: 437 N.Eton Birmingham, Michigan United States of America



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