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After checking with referrals supplied by Lissa Zawalick, I deposited $1,100 in her account for vacation lodging in Chicago, IL covering period of 7/4 – 7/8/13. Property was suppose to be in a condo complex. Lissa and her husband were to meet us at the complex to hand over keys, etc. I found this unit on craigslist and checked back with craigslist on 7/1. At that time, I learned that the ad was pulled and was advised by craigslist that I had been a victim of a scam. Lissa stopped responding to my emails and didn’t respond to phone calls after this time. I contacted the property management company for the condo complex and learned the unit Lissa was renting out does NOT exist, and she is NOT an owner of record of any of the units at the complex. Bank of America has been investigating this issue since 7/1. They felt confident the individual who had received the funds in her account had also been scammed, even though they acknowledge she spent the money. They asked me to hold off pursuing a civil suit against Lissa since she had agreed to pay me back the entire amount over a couple of months. They also informed me there were a number of other individuals that had been scammed by this person. I was advised on Monday, 9/16/13, by Mary Lynn McDonald, bank manager at local Bank of America, that they were unsuccessful in coming up with a repayment plan that Lissa could accept. Therefore, I should pursue a civil suit.

Email used: [email protected]. I demand Full refund of monies I deposited into Lissa’s Bank of America account.. Stay away

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