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I came into Low Book Sales in response to their advertisements on the radio. They offer in house financing, if you cannot find the car you are looking for in their inventory, they will finance the car even if you find one elsewhere. I explained that I was looking for a subaru hatchback that is a 2009-2011 model with less than 90K miles and then explained my budget. I was shown all of their AWD inventory, I would explain that I was not interested in a V8 or a V6, I wanted an AWD Subaru hatchback. They showed me a 2003 Subaru Legacy with 127,000 miles and said they could “”get me in that car for less than $300 month.”” I sarcastically said, “”even if you were charging $100 month for it, would it be paid off in a year? It has dents and some rust, the intererior wreaks of cigaretts and the tires are worn.”” He then explained that they have it listed for $8995. So I then explained that I have been looking around and if they do not have what I am looking for, I’d like to use their in-house financing. So I sat with their finance department, they were very vague as to what the fees were and how much interest would be. Finally after applying I was told that my interest would be 25.9% and Lowbook charges close to $2,000 for a fee to purchase a car outside of their company. I walked out of their and told their salesman that this company was a scam and I was taking my business elsewhere. I went directly to the subaru dealership, found the car I was looking for and was able to secure financing for less than 7% interest with no outrageous fees. I cringe at the sound of Hot Rod Hundly on the radio advertising for this sham of a business. Poor guy probably doesn’t even know how bad this place is tainting his reputation.

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