Lowe’s Home Improvement Review


I tried to make a return at lowes without receipt and it was declined and that was bad but what happened next made so angry….if Lowes does not do something I will NEVER purchase any of my supplies from them again. So after my return was declined I started shopping and I had 3 items in the cart….2 DEWALT power tools and a laser leveling tool. I continued shopping and went outside to the garden department and within 2 minutes a guy walks up and asked what I was looking for and I asked him why and who he was and without a word he grabbed the cart and told me it would be at the customer service desk. I was not only shocked the guy is lucky I didn’t knock him out. After about 2 minutes I went to the front and the guy was asking the girl at returns for my info. I asked him who he was and he acted like I didn’t even talk. I asked again and he turned to walk away so I grabbed a pen and asked his name and he told Sean and I asked his last and he said Sean Sean. This guy was a complete jacka**. I can not believe the way I was treated and the way they made me feel.


  • Name: Lowe’s Home Improvement
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Oviedo
  • Address: Oviedo Park Crossing, 1155 Vidina Place
  • Phone: 407-977-9599
  • Website: www.lowes.com/

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